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Microsoft's $499 Surface RT Tablet Back in Stock in Their US Online store


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The $499 model of the Surface RT tablet is back in stock at Microsoft's Online store. For a while now the tablet has been sold out, because of high demand, but it looks like Microsoft's manufacturing partners were able to crank out some more. Here's a quote with a few more details,

This option includes the 32GB version of the device, but does not include the Touch Cover which is sold separately for $119.99 and allows touch sensitive typing on a physical (albeit flat) QWERTY keyboard. The Type Cover, at $129.99, offers a more traditional QWERTY keyboard with raised keys. Both covers connect to the tablet via a magnetic dock and double as a protective cover. The black Touch Cover is bundled with the 32GB tablet in a $599 option on the website that saves the buyer $19.99. It is also available with the 64GB Microsoft Surface bundled together for $699.

Outside of the U.S., demand is just as strong for the Microsoft Surface. For example, in the U.K., only the 64GB model with the black Type Cover is available. In Australia, Germany, France and Canada, the 32GB model without the Touch Cover, equivalent to the $499 model in the U.S., is sold out.

It's nice to see it back in stock. Here's a link below to grab yours.

Source: PhoneArena via Microsoft Online Store