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Type Cover 2 Trackpad Fading


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Does anyone else who has a type cover 2 have a track pad that is losing color? I bought the purple type cover 2 and the left side of the track pad is already fading (turning white).

Would you call this a defect that would warrant an exchange, or should this be concerned normal? I've only used it for about 3 weeks... I would expect this thing to last a bit longer.

I never had this issue with the first type cover because it had plastic material on the track pad.

Are you sure it's not just dead skin. I know it probably sounds gross but most mice and keyboards get covered in dead skin cells and other dust, and most can be just washed off. I had white build up in the centre of my trackpad quite quickly (likely due to the rough feel) and just gave it a wash with a damp cloth - looks like new after that.
Ding ding ding. On the money my friend. Worked like a charm and is now like new.

It's just something I never had to deal with when using last year's type cover. I was sad to see the purple fading, but glad to know it was just dead skin.
Yeh I don't remember getting it with my touch cover, but comes on the type 2 quite quick - I imagine just because of the different material maybe...