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Type Cover, How Much Difference?

OK, so I wanted the 64 gb version. I didn't want the touch cover, but you had to get it, so I got it. I thought I'd get used to it, but I'm not happy with it. It's more than just a learning curve. For those of you that have the type cover, how much better is that?
I settled for the 32GB RT just for that reason, I didn't want the included Touch Cover with the 64GB RT. I played with it three times at the Microsoft store and settled with the Type Cover. I'm old school and like to feel the keys so the Type Cover was perfect for me. I've read it takes a few days to get used to the Touch Cover. I can type 70+ WPM with my Type Cover.
I've had my Surface about a month now, so a few days hasn't handled it. I'll never type 70 wpm but I at least want to maximize my possible effectiveness.
I'm kinda thinking I'll buy another Touch Cover from you folks who don't like it :) But I want another color...
I have tried both and found the type cover to be night and day in the difference, much much better. I think you will see the difference.
I bought mine with the touch cover, but found myself travelling with five employee reviews to write and dreading banging them out on the touch cover. After about 45 minutes in a MS store fretting about the price, I bought a touch cover and have never regretted it. I typed out those reviews that night just as quickly as if I had brought my laptop.

For me, it's what enabled the surface to be more than just a content consumption device.
This was probably the most difficult decision for me; I'm a writer and a touch keyboard sounded very daunting. In the ended I opted to trek to John Lewis rather than order online and try them out for myself. If I'd opted for the touch cover I would've bought from Microsoft so I could buy the 32gb tablet on it's own, 64gb was appealing but an unnecessary expense as I store practically everything on my portable terabyte hard drive anyway.

In test, the type cover was everything I expected and familiar with... but what about the cheaper option (my wallet said)? Surprisingly I found the touch cover extremely impressive. I decided to give it a go and save myself a bit of money. Yes, it did take some getting used to, but a few weeks on I'm really quite happy with it. I prefer having volume on when I'm typing, because the tapping sound gives the strange impression of key feedback even though there is none. I still make typos now and then, but I did anyway. It does come down to preference, and I probably would be able to write a little quicker on a type keyboard. But in time I'm certain I'll be just as fast with touch.
I tried the touch cover for about a month; and I liked it. But then I bought the touch cover and it seriously made the Surface feel like a different computer. Like a legit laptop. The touch cover IMO is kind of gimmicky, it is nowhere near as responsive or tactile or useful as the type cover; especially the trackpad. Being able to actually click a button in the track pad is hugely important for me.

Also, the feeling of the type cover is way more lux; the wrist resting area on it is a very nice material.

So yeah; the type cover blows the touch cover away in my opinion. :)
I too was impressed with the touch cover of my 64Gb version first, but never really got used to it and eventually purchased the type cover. I am very happy with it. My fingers never got used to it with the missing tactile response and feel of real keys. This will vary of course and is merely my experience with the touch cover.
I made the move. The type cover was a great asset in my opinion. I don't think I'd have ever gotten used to the touch cover.