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slightly disappointed

After a few weeks using my 64gb Surface, I'm still a little disappointed that I was required to accept a touch cover to get it. I would have much preferred a type cover, and would have been willing to pay the price difference. I thought I'd get used to this touch cover, but I'm not so sure. I had also just assumed there would be no problem getting my email. I get it on my windows 8 phone, I ought to be able to get it on this device.


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Is your email account using POP3, that the only issue I have seen setting up an email on Windows 8?


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The 64GB +Touch Cover was the deal breaker for me too. I wanted the Type Cover (which I love). IMAP works great and usually if an account uses POP3 there's a good chance you can use IMAP with it too...


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I like the Touch Cover but would have preferred to buy it separately so as to get the color I wanted. Oh well, I can always buy a blue one later on.


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Love the Surface and the type cover but had to settle with the 32 gig unit when I really wanted the 64 gig. Its weird how their policy can force you to spend less money on their products. Great idea!!!!


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I suggest sell it on eBay or craigslist. I seen some in my area selling for $80 or so. Yeah you take a loss, but it's better than nothing.

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I got the 64gb and would have preferred the chiclet keyboard. I've had it since day one of the release and I'm much more comfortable with it now. But it basically comes down to typing on a chiclet keyboard is the best, the touch keyboard is much better than the touch screen. I've been tempted to buy the chiclet keyboard but the touch keyboard isn't bad enough for me to justify it yet.
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I guess the problem I'm having is just not knowing how to open a separate email acct.. It opens the live acct automatically when you do the original setup, but I guess I don't know how to open other email accounts and I'm pretty sure it is a pop 3 acct.