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Type cover keys loose/noisy


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Is anyone else experiencing this issue.

Have the Surface 3 with the bright blue keyboard. with the first keyboard I received, most of the keys were loose and rattled - making the keyboard noisy when typing. I tested many others in the stores and they didn't have the same issue. I had the store replace the keyboard - now the keys are fine but the track pad is loose and rattles when being used. I also own the SP3 Pro and have no problems with the keyboard.

Given the price - is it unreasonable to be so pedantic?



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I haven't seen the loose key problem come up but I have seen the rattle in the trackpad from a couple of reviews


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The off-the-shelf keyboard cover I got with my new S3 seems fine. The track pad doesn't rattle at all, and the keys make the ordinary clunking sound that is not as loud as the external keyboard I use at the office.

Perhaps there was a bad manufacturing batch. Most products, even those by Apple, will get those one in a while.


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My dark blue keyboard is really noisy, the keys does not bther me much but the loose trackpad is an issue. Will wait for my local store to get a new shipment before exanching, they only have the red one on stock for now