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U2719D Monitors Do Not Re-Awaken


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Hello there,

Mostly-Working Setup

I have a mostly-working setup of a Surface Laptop 3 and two Dell U2719D monitors. The first monitor is attached using a USB-C-to-DisplayPort cable, and the second monitor is daisy-chained from the first monitor using a DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable.


The monitors initially work correctly, extending the display when the laptop is shut as expected. However, on turning off the laptop and later booting it up, the monitors are no longer remembered. They do not come back alive.

Discovered Workarounds

I have come across two different workarounds

  1. Removing and re-inserting the USB-C cable each time causes the monitors to come back alive.
    • Sometimes I need to remove/re-insert twice in a row, as the first time it incorrectly senses that there's one monitor attached and at a reduced size. So, removing the cable once causes Windows to think there are no monitors attached, and then a second time causes both to be recognised.
  2. On booting up and seeing the login screen (and both monitors dead), I then shutdown the laptop yet again and, on re-starting it immediately, the monitors then come back alive.

I have noticed that the monitors are correctly remembered (and therefore problem completely averted) if the time between turning off the laptop and booting it up again is short. I don't know how short exactly, but I think it's around 10-15 minutes. Before that time, the monitors are still correctly remembered on booting up.

Attempted Solutions

I have tried many different possible solutions after spending days researching online, but to no avail. These include:

  • Trying to change the On-Screen Display settings on each of the Dell monitors (these particular monitors do not offer any power-save features)
  • Investigating the UEFI settings of the laptop, but no power-saver options are offered.
  • Changing all the sleep/hibernate/screensaver options in Windows 10
  • Editing the registry to include 'System Unattended' sleep options and setting to zero.
(I experimented with the sleep options in the first place as that was my initial desire - to just wake the laptop with the mouse.)


So I'm at a loss really. Fortunately, the problem (and its respective workarounds) are easily and consistently reproducible. It is also encouraging that the displays are remembered at all without the need for a workaround in the case that I turn on the computer after only a few minutes since the last shutdown.

Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I'm considering connecting an HDMI cable between the laptop and the first monitor, instead of a DisplayPort cable to see if that makes a difference.