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External touch monitor and Surface Pro


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I would like to connect an external touch monitor to our Surface Pro. I have searched this forum (and others) and am confused. Therefore, I have some questions:

1) For an HDMI touch monitor, I will need a displayport-to-HDMI adapter, correct?

2) Similarly, for a DVI touch monitor, I will need a displayport-to-DVI adapter, correct?

3) For both of the above, do the respective cables carry the touch data between the SPro and the monitor, of is a USB connection requried as well?

4) Is a 16:9 external touch monitor recommended for best compatibility?

5) From reading this forum, I understand that the SPro single display zoom setting applies to both the internal and external monitors, and that I must
wait for W8 8.1 to be able to assign the internal and external monitors with different zoom settings. Is this correct?

6) Can I set the internal and external monitors for different resolution (e.g. 1920x1080 for the internal monitor, and 2560x1440 for the external monitor)?

7) I have read that an external monitor with 150% zoom results in some display anomalies. Are they tolerable? Does anyone have a photo handy of this that they could post?




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I have dual dell 2340t touch screens and it requires the usb to be connected for the touch to work. even if you just had one of the dells. so for best results you should use the display port for picture and the usb for touch. on the dell it have a usb hub among other connections so you dont loose anything using both ports to connect.