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UK pre-orders, when do they generally arrive?

Here we go (sorry for rough copy and paste)

LocationDateLocal TimeActivity
Tamworth, United Kingdom27/08/201421:17Origin Scan
United Kingdom27/08/20145:08Order Processed: Ready for UPS

In Transit: On Time

Scheduled Delivery:
Thursday, 28/08/2014, by 12:00
Last Location:
Tamworth, United Kingdom, Wednesday, 27/08/2014
My UPS shipping page was blank until a few minutes ago... Now like Frustin's shows UPS Express before 1200 tomorrow (28/8) for both type cover and device (separate tracking numbers as two orders...)

When I ordered the device from Microsoft last week I was told that it was unlikely I'd receive it before the end of the first week in September.... So was shocked to see that it looks like it's coming tomorrow morning!!