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I finally took the plunge today - nothing in PC World/Currys and limited range in JL - straight from the Microsoft Store. As per most of the planet, plumped for the i5/8Gb/256.

As unruledboy said, it's been months coming, personally I've been lurking on this forum for weeks, so I'm happy to wait a few days.

Now it's off to eBay with my Macbook Air and iPad!


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I got mine yesterday which was a nice surprise as I'd only bitten the bullet to buy it on Wednesday! I got it direct from Microsoft Store due to Student discount (plus another deal with basically paid for my keyboard, yay!). Am pretty impressed - went for i7/256. Was very hot and noisy when syncing 17gb of Dropbox files but is now silent and cool to touch. Am in the process of getting all my software on it, then have to write a couple of assignments before I am allowed a proper play on it - am hoping the anticipation will spur on my essay writing skills :)
May the writing *Force* be with you. :)