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updating drivers besides intel generic hd 4000. who has updated other driver manually


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I'm trying to find out who has updated drivers for their device besides the Intel graphics HD 4000. We know if we update to generic one, a system update will reappear. Then if you install it'll roll the driver back to Microsoft own older custom one. Its also known that checking for updates through windows update doesn't really let us know other components drivers that needs updating.

Reason I'm bringing this up is because I came across a cool free program called Slim Drivers free. Excellent program for scanning system and letting you know what drivers are missing or needs updating. Then allows you to download and update to latest driver. Your able to backup/make a restore point if anything funny occurs.

I ran it on my pro. Of course a newer driver for HD4000 came up. I also saw one for #Realtek audio. I updated it. It gave me realtek audio manager also. Then came a system update which I believe rolled that driver back..lo, I know I can go in and manually disable automatic windows updates. What I'm more curious about is other drivers that showed it needed updating.

These other installed drivers are dated from 2006 smh
Here is what popped up for me on what things needed new drivers.

-Storage Controller: Standard Sata AHCI controller. Current driver date 6/20/2006 new one available is 2/23/2013
All these next ones have same current date and new one available date.
-Intel HM77 Express Chipset LPC Controller- 1E57
-Intel 7 series/C216 chipset family SMBis Host
-Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host controller
-Standard Enhanced Pci to usb Host controller(another one I guess)
-3rd Generation Core Processesor DRAM Controller-0154

Now has anyone ever updated those. As its looking like these drivers in existing Pro is severely outdated. I'm wondering if it'll be safe to update them. For possible better performance/efficiency. Anyone have any insight into this?
I would be careful with those driver apps because they tend to give a lot of false positives so that they LOOK important and that they are doing it's job...but from what I've seen they're just blowing smoke screen...had a couple of clients that used those kind of programs and it messed up their computers...
I gotcha. That's why I was very Leary of updating those other ones. They could definitely mess up my device of wrong ones installed. The program was recommended by a good pc site showcasing free programs worth having.