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Updating Surface RT (Mk1)


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Hi folks

Just ordered a Mk1 Surface RT direct from Microsoft and waiting for it to arrive, quite excited about this and looking forward to getting the new toy.

I'm assuming it will ship with Win 8 RT. After charging and connecting to the house WiFi my first stop will be Windows updates. From the research I've done it looks like Microsoft are delivering the regular Windows updates AND firmware updates for the Surface through Windows Update. Am I correct here.

I'll look to move to 8.1 as part of the initial update bash before I start using the device in anger. Is there any particular sequencing I need to be aware of whilst undertaking this first batch of updates or will Windows Update stop me doing anything in the wrong order and messing things up?

Grateful for any info/hints/tips/comment around setting up and updating.


Just give yourself a fair bit of time to do all the updates, as you will be getting your Surface RT with 8.0 you will probably have about ninety updates, then the 8.1 update from the store, then maybe a few more updates then 8.1 update, update, then your on your way, and you will not regret it. I have both the original Surface RT and original Pro and love them both. Hope that helps, you can of course use your surface while all these updates are downloading. Jim


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Don't install all the updates then update to 8.1 from the store. Just install KB2871389 and that will show up the 8.1 update. That will take ages to install...

Then theres Update 1. Install KB2919442, and that will show KB2919355. That's the big file.

Then install the rest. Much quicker.