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Using the pen's flick function - does it work?


Has anyone got this working? I checked a FAQ on MS website and it says you can use the pen to scroll using flicks.

I have amended the settings and performed the flick test which confirms I am 'flicking' correctly lol.

However when using it in chrome to scroll up or down I simply get an image of a hand saying 'drag up' or 'drag down'.

When using in IE Metro, absolutely nothing.
I've never been able to get it to work :p. Wish it did work though as I use the pen constantly to compensate for my sausage fingers.


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It works in Chrome and FF. It doesn't work at all in IE. It might help if you relax the pen sensitivity in Control Panel settings.


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Pen Flicks has been deprecated in Windows 8.x and is limited to Win32 programs that supported it. It will be hit or miss I'm afraid.