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Touch Is Stuck, needs tap from pen to work again Help!:(


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The problem is reoccurring as I type. While single taps work just fine, right clicks (hold finger) and scrolling stops working. The scrolling is odd, because it will scroll some, but flicking doesn't work (in other words scrolling stops immediately after I lift my finger). Sometimes scrollong doesn't even work, snapping the page as if a second finger is on the screen. Sometimes everywhere I tap brings a right click menu, and sometimes nothing happens. But the onscreen keyboard ALWAYS works, so it's as if the Surface thinks another finger is on the screen. Yet, other apps work fine, so it only affects one application at a time.

Fixing the issue:
The pen works great, no issues. Sometimes just tapping the screen once or twice with the PEN fixes the issue, sometimes not. Closing the application and re-oppening it always fixes it.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Seems to happen in only ONE tab (Chrome). If I go to a different address on tje same tab the problem persists. Bit if I go to another tab (new or old), everything works great.


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I found touch support in Chrome to be pretty hit and miss. Probably just a case of waiting for them to fix it. In the meantime I'm using IE for touch, works great. Simple, but working.


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Is chrome the only place you have this issue. Search the forum. Someone posted a way to add the touch gestures to chrome recently. That would probably help with chrome.