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Using Visual Studio in the Surface Pro


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I am new to this forum. Just got myself a surface pro. As a programmer, I am very much interested in installing Visual Studio in the pro. Has anybody tried programming in the surface pro and even installed the Visual Studio Pro. Thank you.


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I installed SQL Server Express 2012 on my Pro and it works fine. As for the databases, since each of the databases I have can take up to 10GB each, I placed the databases on the microSD card. I develop reports in SSRS, so Visual Studio will be just fine on the SPro.


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It will install fine, you issue is going to be disk space...I would get a 64GB Class 10 MicroSD card and move all of your personal and working data there (including VS Projects).


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Visual Studio works fine on the Surface Pro. I'm using it for a lot of different projects (2D games, developing some university applications and also web stuff), especially with VS 2013 it's super fast. Wouldn't mind to much about disk space, too. I have the 128GB Surface Pro and have no problems with disk space at all.


I've got VS 2012 Express installed for Win8 and Win Phone. Both work great. The screen is a little small, I have started autohiding properties/solution explorer tabs in order to show code and split screens, which I never would do on a desktop.


I have to rethink my setups pretty soon. For the most part I do plugin development. The desktop is dual screen 64 bit, the laptop is 32 bit, but with SSD.

I prefer working on the dual screen but the 64bit interferes with Edit and Continue. The laptop is speedy, and allows Edit and Continue, but feels so damn claustrophobic.

Visual Studio 2013 would certainly solve one problem: I suppose a Surface Pro with a dual monitor dock could solve the other.