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Video Editing Software or App That Uploads to YouTube


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So I attempted some video editing today via ArcSoft Showbiz, which went fine despite the limited functions (is the premium version of it better with more functions other than higher video quality?). Unfortunately, one of my main reasons for making videos is uploading to YouTube, it's kind of actually part of my work. Can't seem to do this with any videos created via ArcSoft. Does anyone have any idea how I can do this? Or is there another editing app that I can use instead of ArcSoft that meets my needs.

Thank you.


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I used it via EI10. When you're given the option to search files to upload videos, any made by ArcSoft won't show. And, I might be wrong, but I can't find a way of transferring my ArcSoft productions over to my video folder..

AHHH.. Okay, have just checked right this second and it appears the ArcSoft videos get saved in your pictures folder, not videos. So I can select the video via my pictures. Phew. :)


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Alright, glad you sorted it out.

Vimeo, if you are interested has an app that includes upload.