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Video Thumbnails wont update in preview pane


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My video thumbnails in the explorer preview pane wont update. It shows me the preview of the first video thumbnail but when i select another, the preview remains the same in the preview pane.
I was using windows 8.1 -- which didn't have this problem -- when I upgraded to Windows 10. I like everything about Windows 10 so far EXCEPT this.

See a video here showing the issue:

Someone in another forum recommended installing VLC media player and associating all video files with it. This worked for some users who were experiencing this issue, but it didn't work for me unfortunately. And rebuilding the thumbnail cache didn't help either.

I went into a Best Buy and downloaded a few sample mpgs on a brand new Surface 3 running Windows 10 and the same issue -- preview pane video thumbnails do not update from video to video. I'm really surprised there hasn't been more said about this, and the only fix--for some people at least--has been to install vlc and set it as the default video player, which is a pretty shoddy workaround, imo.

Anyone else experiencing this, and if so, any suggestions?