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Virus software


I usually use AVG free and be vigilant online

what does everyone else use

I just upgraded to pro 6 and wondering which to use if theres any better than AVG

from what ive read bitdefender looks good and only £20 a year which is cheap
cheers Sean
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Visit Windows Update daily. Windows Defender has virus detection updates daily - sometimes multiple times daily.


Used to run Malwsrebytes as primary and defender occasional scans but when I recently reset my rig I skipped Malwarebytes and run defender only. Seems to do the job well.
Malwarebytes had a high rate of detection of questionable behavior of websites. Not sure if these flags were real.

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After two years of also using Malwarebytes Premium (I still have it running), not one threat has been detected. This is a testimony to how vigilant and accurate Windows Defender is.


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Just last year I cleared infections from a computer using Malwarebytes Antimalware and Windows Defender was acting hilariously throughout the scan. As soon as Malwarebytes Identified and cleared an infection, Windows Defender would pop up a notification right after saying "Infection found!". It was too funny. I do have to say that Defender has gotten better lately, but Malwarebytes is still my "go to" for making sure a machine is clean from infections. I don't need it for real time scanning though.


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Ha! I remember when Vista identified the Windows 8 installer as a virus, halfway through the installation .:)