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Wacom pen wakes my SP2 if stored near the screen.


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Don't know if this has been reported.

I got a travel sleeve that has a place on the face of the sleeve to clip the Wacom stylus to. Many times in the sleeve, I noticed the SP2 screen on, the sleeve warm and a lower battery level.
After some investigation, I find the Wacom stylus, will wake the SP2, even if the stylus is not moved in relation to the SP2 screen, after briefly pressing the power button to put it to sleep. It can take up to 15 seconds for the SP2 to wake up, after pressing the power button to put it to sleep (not hibernate).

The default screen (whatever one gets, when they first wake a SP2 up) can go crazy, with the stylus just resting on it (not moving!!). While the stylus is not moving, the default wakeup screen can be bouncing up and down, before (possibly) settling on the login screen.

The SP2 does NOT have the 12/10 firmware update because of an CBS Manifest file corruption (just missed that bullet).


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daniielrp, do you have a Pro unit, that came with a stylus that has a blue tip, a charge port attachment that clicks and an "eraser" that moves (Surface Pen) or an aftermarket stylus (like the Jot or Sensu)?

When it wakes up, I can see the dot on the screen from either the point or the eraser of the stylus. My understanding of the Wacom stylus is, you don't have to have it touching the screen to register on the screen. In my mind, I have No other issues with this unit.

Is the screen too sensitive to the Wacom stylus, is this type of screen and stylus not appropriate for a handheld tablet, a different form of stylus registration needed, don't let the stylus wake the unit? OR, is there a setting somewhere (Control Panel, Registry) that controls this? But to those that have a sleeve, that stores the stylus near the tablet face, careful (and let us know).


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I have the pro 2 using the Surface pen that came with it (blue tip, magnetic secondary click, eraser etc.)

I can put the unit to sleep, then draw to my hearts content on the screen without it waking. I can eve press the buttons and still no response - which should the normal behaviour for it. Your experience appears to be a malfunction.

One thing to check, in my device manager under human interface devices I have a wacom device, and looking into the properties of this device and then under power management shows that the option to allow this device to wake the computer is not available (greyed out).

My past three laptops (this one included) have all had wacom stylus screens and none have had the problem you have described.