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Warning! Maroo Woodland leather/wool sleeve scratches SP3


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Just got this case 4 days ago and i now discovered that it just scratched up my surface along the side. Essentially it is not the case and it's wool/leather itself, but the placement of the pen loop inside (in the side of the case). It only covers the pen on the top, so the bottom is still bare in the case and your surface will go up and down that pen, taking it in and out, rubbing of the matte coating. It probably rubs against the Surface while inside too. Even my pen now has a big line down the side.

They did not test that out.

This is absolutely depressing i must say. 4 days in, just because of a case/sleeve. (Wrote Marroo already) My Surface is 1.5 month old and looked like new untill now. Just because of a case!

Consider yourself warned! :(


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Did you say wool or steel wool :D
oh, I bet some/most of you never heard of steel wool before :)


I spotted that when I picked it up. I did purchase one. I don't use the loop at all and keep the pen with my type cover pen loop. I thought the exact same thing - why did they note just make the pen loop full size???? Makes it useless and I may just cut it out completely. I do find that I don't use it much now as it is. I am either transporting in a full-on computer bag and with the type cover and the ghost armour it manages fine.

I was thinking of the sleeve when I was carrying either another device or if I was going really light weight. But I have found that this SP3 really does replace the need for my second laptop and that if I do go light I just use the same bag to carry accessories or other personal items that I need. I have downsized my computer bag however but won't go out without my charger and a mouse.


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Too bad I discovered your topic only today: bought the surface pro 3 and the same pouch 2 weeks ago... same consequence: nasty scratch at the corner of the surface and along the stylus. I also wrote to Maroo, and will to Microsoft as they sell this accessory on their store. This is just unacceptable for a premium product and unless Maroo tackles with unsatisfied customers, they should be banned from the accesories proposed on MS store.
Did you have a feedback from Maroo? Did they propose at least a replacement and possibly a compensation?



Same thing here, my SP3 is completely scratched thanks to this sleeve, I find it really unacceptable specially because they sell it on Microsoft Stores. I take real good care of my tech products and this bothers me a lot.
Has anyone received any type of feedback from MS or Maroo


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I noticed that there are NO reviews on the Maroo site for this sleeve... Id think there should be given the negative vibe here.

Also it only has positive reviews on Amazon... the word is not getting out.


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Yeah... get on it guys and save others! I've recently got into writing reviews for all my Amazon purchases, feels like I'm doing something worthwhile :)