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Surface Pro 4 Cover Like This Available?

I used to use a 3rd gen iPad heavily and at the local Brookstone I found a padded black leather folio cover that I absolutely loved (pictures below). It was light and felt very comfortable in the hand and it provided a LOT of padding - when I dropped my iPad onto concrete or asphalt or accidentally rolled it down the stairs it came up flawless without a scratch. Because it zippered up it was sort of waterproof especially in the rain and it kept all the dust out. Plus it had pockets for business cards, a pen, papers, etc.

Is it possible to find a cover just like this for my Surface Pro 2? I've looked but so far can't find anything like this. except for some very large and very expensive leather folio covers. I want something just a little larger than the SP4. I've seen lots of smaller folio covers but they don't zip up and aren't padded so I don't think they'll protect the SP4 as well.

Right now I'm using a zippered padded sleeve but it's inconvenient to take the unit out of the sleeve and wrap the keyboard behind the unit when I want to use it. It's much easier if the unit stays in the case like with the Brookstone case. I wouldn't mind not having the keyboard with me when the SP's in the case so that's not a concern.