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Well hours later the phone with MS still no fix on games or xbox music subscription.


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99% of the time I use my surface, Im connected to the internet. Well I use xbox music (please god bring back zune) and play their xbox games on my tablet. Ive been a xbox live member since pretty much day one. Never had an issue. Ive been a zune music pass user since day 1 and never had an issue.

Now that Ive taken my surface offline, I notice that all of my saved games are not there, and my subscription music will not play through the metro app or on my nokia 920. The second it connects online it works as normal. Ive literally spent hours on the phone with MS support, who loves to put me on 3minute holds while they look into the problem. Ive wiped my music from my phone, wiped my phone and everything else they asked me to do. I found that zune works perfectly offline and online (go figure) with my subscription music. Normally I woud be pretty calm about technically mishaps, but to just find this out days before I leave for Afghanistan really sucks. Most of my music is zune pass stuff and I would like to be able to play all my xbox live games from the metro interface off line and not have to start over. Does anyone have any ideas?