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Well...lost my stylus today...that was bound to happen...


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So, I've owned this Surface Pro for about a month. Overall, I alternately think it is both one of the best devices I've ever used and then in a split second can hate it with a white hot hatred because of the myriad of moronic design decisions that plague this device.

I probably have the same gripes as everyone else, I'd imagine, but one of my most vocal has been that you have to remove the stylus to charge it. [Rant on] WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING WHEN YOU DESIGNED THAT?!?!?[Rant off]

Recipe for losing the stylus.

Well, today I lost the stylus. I mean, it was only a matter of time--and bound to happen eventually.

I have no idea where it went---could have even fallen out of my little Microsoft-issue Incipio accessory case as I was pulling it out. Anyway, what are my options for a reasonable replacement? I wouldn't care so much, except that Microsoft wants $30 (!) for that piece of plastic you can't even keep track of, and frankly I'm in no mood to reward them with another $30 for their design foolishness let alone buy multiples as I'm bound to lose one a month.

Anyone tried alternatives? Honestly, I mostly use the stylus as a mouse (much more accurate than a fingertip) but I do occasionally do handwriting with it and yes I do use the eraser end as well.
Oh great.... My first post and I posted this to the Windows 8 forum instead of the Surface Pro forum. Perfect. Sorry guys! Can a moderator move this to the right forum please?
Ok so it is MS fault you lost your stylus. And I bet you think if it did not have the ability to lock into the charging port you would not have lost it. Come on be more careful.
Ok so it is MS fault you lost your stylus. And I bet you think if it did not have the ability to lock into the charging port you would not have lost it. Come on be more careful.

Oh, geez...please. It's called SARCASM. No, I'm not blaming Microsoft for me losing the stylus, though admittedly it does pop off pretty easily...
Welcome to the forum. This thread is in the right place now. Sarcasm from all parties aside you of course will have the problem with any replacement pen that it will also not have a place to "dock" thus requiring you to keep track of it :) The Samsung digitizers are popular and you also have Wacom options. There are a couple of threads discussing these options already. None are going to be very inexpensive.

It probably should have been recessed. It tends to fall off just walking from one office to another. Then you have to hope you can backtrack and locate it. Just seems like a terrible design. However, they probably would have had to make the unit another .25" wider to have it recessed and they felt that wasn't possible.
you have the icipio case, so do i. i always zip the stylus in the pocket, never attach it to the power connector.
How had you carried pens all the rest of your life without losing them?

The magnetic holder is a miracle of bad (stoned?) design. I mean hell they designed the kickstand with only one angle because they wanted to mimic the sound a Mercedes door every time you shut it (yes, THAT was actually their reasoning) so what else did you expect? The entire Surface Design is form over functionality - kind of like when they did away with Menus in favor of Ribbons.

Sometimes I think the same guy that decided the Start Button was bad idea also designed the power/pen connector and the kickstand. However, despite these two annoying (because they weren't merely accidents but passed countless committees of "smart" people), the SP is the single best full windows digitizer pen business solution out there. The things it does well outweigh the things it does poorly.