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Went to the Microsoft Store


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I dropped by one of the several Microsoft Stores they have in the Atlanta area today. They were grossly overstaffed. I walked through the store twice seeing if there was anything I wanted to use my 20% discount on, (nope). In that entire time, probably 20 minutes, nobody asked if they could help, not that I needed any, it was just a disappointment. They probably had 7 or 8 people basically doing nothing.

I did get into a discussion with 2 techs. The stores have offered to assist anyone who is having an upgrade issue. I'm one of those people, on a Lenovo T520 laptop. They of course started by telling me I needed this and that and the invite. I was politely listing then read off all the things I had tried and the results. I had both of them stumped and they agreed it was very odd. But right now their turnaround is at least a week. I said I would come back when things get less hectic. They had never heard of this issue so it should be interesting.