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What About "Disk (Drive) Compression.... What's the Downside?

Sir Face

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I was just wondering if drive (disc) compression is a thing that would be good to do or not? I've always been scared of it on my hard disc based computers, but I wonder if it would be OK with the SP2 since it has solid state memory. There's surely some major downside here though. Does it slow performance down or cause possible data loss or anything? If it's totally OK, why isn't it just active from square one?
I'm sure others can speak more technically to it. But, there doesn't seem to be a risk to either conventional disk nor solid state. Rather, it does have come with a slight performance hit it is "zipping" the file for compression and "unzipping" for use. I prefer to use my 256 GB of memory, the 64GB microSD for my music, and Cloud for pictures. I have plenty left. Movies will certainly occupy a lot of space, but an external drive is handy for the collection and native for the ones in use (e.g. travelling, etc.).
Agree with Macmee. You'll possibly be putting unnecessary wear on your SSD while slowing down performance. Basically, it would be like every time you accessed a file (booting up, looking at a picture, running a game), your computer would have to unzip the files. Whenever you write a new file (eg. browsing a webpage), your computer would need to zip is up. You might as well pick up a USB stick or external drive if you really need to store more.