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What about Surface 3 (RT)


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I'd want a Sony XZU-style pencil digitizer and a built-in micro projector.


What? We're talking about theoretical future dream machines, right? :p (Seriously, not like we can know what MS actually has planned that far ahead.) I doubt thinner/lighter is going to be doable without worrying about flex, and then we're probably talking about composite materials like carbon fiber. More kickstand options--maybe. I don't know. Considering how good RT v1 is for me, the Surface 2 is the perfect satellite device. The only other changes I can think of is faster CPU, more RAM, more storage, further developments in battery life--the run-of-the-mill internal improvements. In fact, I'd expect to see much more interesting accessory innovations for Surface in the coming years instead of anything more than iterative for Surface itself.

As for colors--I intend on buying another decal skin anyway, so the white-ish silver won't be as bothersome.


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well I'm thinking a nice flexible HD OLED screen where you can pull it and make it bigger with 2 sizes 7" and 10.4" and also making the device even thinner with more power (cpu/ram) and 3D screen possibility? or perhaps instead of a physical keyboard have the surface 3 project a holographic keyboard on any surface and type from that....possibilities are endless! lol


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Although I don't believe tegra4 has bout in lte, they did purchase a company a little while back making this possible. Although not built in, NVidia has a solution for that. I forgot the company they bought making this possible.

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Since we're dreaming... why not 4k res?:excited:

Because Windows would need to be scaled up to 600% to be viewable on a 10.6" screen. Leap Motion on the other hand are already in laptops and is something practical that can be integrated into tablets in the future.


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Perhaps surface with an atom processor so that x86 apps on the desktop can be run?
Intel Bay Trail benchmarks show big boost for Windows 8.1 and Android tablets
Bay Trail can run full Windows 8.1, whereas Snapdragon 800 is an ARM chip that is limited to Windows RT.
While a Clover Trail-based Acer Iconia W510 scored just 2,445 in this test at a resolution of 1,360 x 766, the Bay Trail reference tablet scored 16,079 at the same res.
Moving the resolution up to 1080p, the native resolution of the reference tablet, Bay Trail yielded 14,174 in Ice Storm. For context, that's not far off half the score of the full-fat laptop-class chip inside the current Microsoft Surface Pro -- a chip that burns a lot more power the power of Bay Trail and doesn't last nearly as long on a charge.


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Personally, I think the Surface 3 will be a marginal upgrade in hardware terms. Most likely the SoC will be upgraded. Some fine tuning of the internals will be done, but that's about it. The key will be in terms of software. Assuming the Surface 3 is released sometime in Oct. 2014, I think the biggest change would be the disappearance of the desktop. The reason for this is because I think MS will have their touch version of Office (at least for Windows devices) ready by then. And, once that is ready, the Surface (RT) loses the need for a desktop environment. But this also means one of two other things - either MS will have ramped up their App Store significantly (I really don't know how they would do this) OR they would have achieved some sort of harmony with the Win Phone 8 store and the RT platform (as a part of the "One Windows" paradigm). If I were a betting person, I think MS will do neither. While surely MS will ramp up the App Store, it still won't be like either the iOS store or Google's Play Store. OTOH, I think MS is still at least 18 months away from integrating Win Phone 8 with RT. I expect that will happen with Win Phone 9 (or whatever they choose to call it) or by the demise of the Win phone OS and its replacement with Win RT.