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What makes a Surface Tablet?

What is Surface?

  • Surface is the device name of the tablets offered directly by Microsoft.

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  • Surface is the name of the family of tablets offered directly by Microsoft.

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Surface is the name of any tablet running Windows 8 or Windows RT.

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With Microsoft's announcement there is now a bit more confusion surrounding Windows and tablets. First of all Microsoft announced two new tablets one running on x86 (Windows 8) and one running on ARM (Windows RT) but both are called Surface. It has been known since the announcement of Windows 8 that it was going to be designed to run on both PCs and tablets and that the variant Windows RT would run on ARM chipsets which are traditionally considered mobile device chips.

It is also known that OEM partners of MS are already hard at work on devices for Windows tablet hardware for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

This begs the question, what is Surface? Answer up in the poll and sound off what you think about Surface vs. Windows for tablets vs. Windows 8 and Windows RT. Is it all too confusing?
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I guess this isn't that confusing after all. It just seems awkward to me to try and talk about Surface tablets, Windows 8 tablets and Windows RT tablets. Maybe Microsoft should consider naming the tablets Surface 8 and Surface RT to help identify their tablets specifically. When the other OEMs start making Windows Tablets they will have their own distinct names to identify them i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab RT for the Windows RT tablet and Samsung Slate 8 for the Windows 8 tablet.

From now on I am going with Surface 8 and Surface RT to make it easier.
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It will be great to see other companies create names for theirs. To he honest, when I first saw the name of this site I thought it dealt with the touch screen table (not tablet) that Microsoft has.