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Surface book base issues


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Hello. Last night my surface book drained to 0% and would not start so i had to manually detach clip board and base however in the process of detaching i ended up burning and damaging the tablet and base power connector. The right part of the base connector is now broken. (Is this the first reported case of this happening when detaching the CB and base manually?)

The base still has power and a red light on the detach button. The tablet charges but i don't know what will happen when i reattach the two. Please advise. I hope for the best.

My SB was bought 6 months ago so is it still under warranty? And it's the warranty in the manuals etc? The issue here is that I am Thailand and Ms does not officially sell the SB here. Would I still be able to exchange it under warranty?


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Here's a picture of the damaged base connector fyi. (See attached)


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