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Where Are You Purchasing the Surface?


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Just wondering where everyone is purchasing the Surface from? I'm planning on heading down to the Microsoft store to check it out on Friday.


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Hopefully it will be something like this only with MS fanbois instead of sheeple (or in nicer terms, I really do you hope you have to wait in a nice long line :D)


D.T. Rose

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I, too, pre-ordered mine. It'll arrive tomorrow. I don't have a Microsoft Store near me, so I chose to take the risk with pre-ordering. I have a lot of faith in the product, and I won't lie: I desperately want this product, along with Windows 8, to have a devastating effect on Apple, in particular the iPad. Their condescending, closed-minded grip has squeezed the life out of me, and it's time for a change--a major change.