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I got a 64Gb Surface on Friday and I love it but I am wondering if I have a problem. The display seems to dim from time to time while I am using it. The display does not turn off unexpectedly. It is behaving normal when I am not using it, but there have been times where I have been browsing the internet and the display will dim slightly. When I touch the screen with my finger it does not brighten once it has dimmed either. But once it has dimmed it does seem to brighten after a bit randomly.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? I am in Atlanta so I can head to the MS store but I thought I would ask.

Also, anyone know how to close Windows Store apps from the touch screen. I know with a mouse attached you can grab them from the top of the screen and drag them to the bottom but I cannot seem to figure out how to close them via touch.

Close store apps the same way.

Touch the screen above the display area, and drag all the way down until you are off the display area at the bottom.


I haven't noticed the display dim, but I have seen it on other tablets when you have auto brightness enabled (this is the default), and you obscure or shadow the light sensor. The tablet thinks it is in a darker place, and so it darkens the screen. As soon as you move your hand, it gets brighter again. I haven't tried to find the sensor, so I can't tell you if this is what is happening to you.
I agree, it sounds like the auto sensor compensating for shadows or some other lighting change. Keep an eye on it though in case you have a faulty sensor and need to return it. Best to test it out by setting a static brightness and see if it still happens and also passing your hand over the sensor in automode to see how it reacts.