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Where does SP3 rank in your Top 3 favourite tech/gadgets?


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Hmm, perhaps a bit too early to tell...

This is one of my favorites though, the Curta Calculator, it still amazes me :)


Curta Calculator images,

wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curta

I haven't quite figured out where the SP3 ranks yet. :) I'm still calculating that :D

Oh, it's said a skilled operator could operate one of these with one hand!


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Favorite of all tech products:
1. Surface Pro 3
Its the most versatile, flexible, and useful gadget Ive ever seen in my life
2. Tesla Model S
Its the best electric car right now, where you don't compromise anything for going electric. Most importantly, even though it came from a small startup company with limited resources, it still managed to arrive way earlier than such products from big companies.
3. Any curved ultrawide monitor
Sure, curved is a gimmick most of the time. But for 35" monitor where we sit less than 1 meter from, curved is serious. And I love ultrawide monitors over multiple monitors since I don't have to deal with bezels, and I don't need anything more than $5 cable to connect it to my SP3.

Favorite of my tech products:
1. Surface Pro 3 (what else :D )
2. Lumia 820
Its almost 3-year old and its still running the latest OS as fast, as great as when I opened it out of the box


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1. SPro 3
2. IBM ThinkPad X60s
3. Toshiba Portege 3010 (my first ultrabook before we called them "ultrabooks")


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interesting my first would be the SP3 then my Lumia 1520 and then my Dell XPS desktop gaming rig...
2-Lumia 1520
3-Dell XPS gaming rig
4- Vizio 50" led tv