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Where does SP3 rank in your Top 3 favourite tech/gadgets?


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I've used the Office Universal Apps for about 2 months, the Apps are excellent and look forward to using them on my 1520 :) The new versions of Outlook Universal (that was Demo'd) is very cool as well.

These with Miracast will allow a Windows Phone to become the companion device we dreamed of using. I can't share too much as I'm still under NDA.


#1 Surface Pro 3 (A bezel-less design like the new XPS13 would be perfect)
#2 Sony Xperia Z Ultra
#3 iPad Air 2 (the only iOS device right now with 2GB RAM...and much needed)


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Original owner here! But hopefully I'm allowed to post :)

1) iPhone 6
2) Surface Pro
3) Denon DJ MC2000

Sorry for having an Apple device in the number one spot! Really, what I mean by that is just 'smartphones' in general. The iPhone 6 just happens to be the one I'm using atm. I've always loved Windows and computers but the smartphone has changed my (and millions of others) worlds over the past few yaers.


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1. Surface Pro 3
2. 2009 Infiniti G37 (yes, I consider it a gadget)
3. Tie: iPhone 6 and Lumia 830 (iPhone kills it hardware-wise, but Windows Phone evens things out)

I'd toss the Canon EOS 70D in at #2 if I actually owned it; had to return it due to lack of funds, but man, that's a nice camera. Also, if I weren't limiting this to three items, I'd list the iPad Air 2; it's a darned nice tablet and much better than any other pure tablet, IMHO. I'll also add that all things Android would be at the bottom of my list. Any love I had for Android was erased after spending time with Windows Phone and iOS; I'm sorry, but Android just seems clunky as all get out.