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Poll Which internet browser do you use?

Which internet browser do you use?

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I got used to IE Metro back when I was working on ThinkPad Yoga, now I'm using it exclusively for touch based work and when I need to work a lot with mouse and keyboard I switch either to desktop IE or Firefox. Lately, I use IE desktop more, compared to Firefox- ad blocking works well enough in IE and it feels lighter and more responsive to Firefox.

I left Chrome few months back for good, it's constantly getting slower and heavier on resources and Google's need to bug me with unwanted new functions like overlay for windows and stupid tray notifications that each new build pesters me with finally made me hate this product.


I just discovered today probably the best browser so far and it says the fastest in the world..probably ;) Waterfox...a 64-bit variant of firefox which has the adobe flash crash problem fixed..uses all of your previous firefox settings and plugins..etc..running really smooth and fast so far :)


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For my RT, IE has been the only choice available. :) For my iPad, I use Chrome 90% of the time. For my Nook, it's 50-50 Chrome and Foxfire. For my office and home computers, Firefox has been my favorite for the last decade, but I'm increasingly impatient with all the crap I have to deal with when it updates every week or so. It just seems that often because I need to reconfigure and/or update plugins almost every time. So I'm using Chrome more, but am not totally happy with it either. I have only used IE so far on my new SP3. It's pretty nice and may entice me to try it on my office computer.


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The frequent Firefox updates are because they are so responsive to security issues but that should affect your plugins. I have 12 active plugins and only allow them to update when I check them and never have had to reconfigure any.