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Why Did You Choose Your Tablet?


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For those who decided to purchase your non-Microsoft Surface Win8 RT tablet, why did you go with your choice?


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I purchased the Acer W3 8" Windows Tablet and it's a great little device. It doesn't have the best screen, but I was already expecting that. I use it mainly to watch movies/shows or read magazines while at work on my lunch and break. Even though my Surface Pro rocks, the Acer is easier to pack up and go.

Also for any reason it gets broken or stolen, it's easier to deal with the loss of the Acer than the Surface.



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I went with the Asus Vivotab RT (TF600T) for several reasons.

The main reason was because it was MUCH lighter, thinner and slightly smaller than the Surface RT.

And, ASUS is a quality manufacturer.

I also wanted the GPS available.

Adding the keyboard/dock coverts my tablet into more of a netbook with a 15 hour battery life.


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How could you decide exactly what tablet you needed? There's so many.
I bought the Surface mainly because it's called the Surface, it's simple and clear what it is and what it does.
Its not a bunch of letters and numbers put together, and I think that's were most of Apples attraction
comes from, They have a phones from Iphone to Iphone 5, unlike Nokia, they have a thousand phones,
all called some sort of mixture of Lumia and numbers.
Sorry if this is a bit off topic. I guess my question is, how did you end up on the device you own?