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OneNote and text recognition


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Hi everyone. Just purchased my first SP3 yesterday and am enjoying it so far. One of my biggest needs in a tablet were the ability to take hand written notes, categorize and organize them...and OneNote is doing just that. I have never used Win8 until this machine, so it's all fairly new to me.

Within OneNote, I see there is a search function to find text in your hand writing. This is not working for me...and I'm not sure why. I even wrote "Test" very neatly and clearly, but it did not find it in search. Am I doing something wrong?


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Welcome aboard!

I think that we have sometime ago a thread about this and I think that the conclusion was that you need to have OneNote desktop version synced with OneNote Metro to have this functionality.

I'm a OneNote Desktop user so I don't recall exactly the details.



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Thanks - I download the desktop version & synced. Looks like the desktop version searching performs...Metro not yet. App says my notes are synced, so not sure. I'll have to mess around with it.


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Ink searching works much better in the Desktop Version, we all hope it gets better in the MUI. It does work but takes time for all of the OCR work to sync back to OneNote and for the MUI to sync it....


wow thanks did not notice that but just tried it and seems to work only with typed entries and not handwritten words


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wow thanks did not notice that but just tried it and seems to work only with typed entries and not handwritten words
For that to work few things need to happen:
-you need to OneNote Desktop installed
- both need to be Sync
-Your note should have been Opened in OneNote Desktop at least one time
- Your note had to be Indexed by OneNote Desktop
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I believe I started the previous thread, and as ctitanic states, it's a MUI issue. Once the desktop version of onenote has done it's thing with the notes, and synced, you'll be able to search in MUI onenote without an issue. Although since installing one note 2013, i have not used the MUI version since. It's like an empty box compared to the desktop version.

Still utterly stupid, hell, it's moronic, that i have to be connected to the internet to sync MUI one note with desktop one note on the same machine. Common sense tells me that it shouldn't be needed, but i've yet to manage it.


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I think cemian believes he can enter his search directly in ink. Still needs to be digital text, but you can enter it using the soft keyboard with the stylus.