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Why does the Amazon app need to snoop through my home network?


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Can anyone explain why the Amazon app needs to snoop through my home or work network?

This is too much!
Possibly to sync with accounts on other PCs (wish lists and shopping carts?) or to use the printer?
Amazing Amazon doesn't even know they have a Windows 8 app. They keep trying to get someone from their Android support group to answer questions. #clueless
I gave up trying to talk to Amazon. I've sent a note to Microsoft to let them know that Amazon is giving me the runaround. They have said they will let me know what they find. Nothing new so far.
...Amazon app needs to snoop through my home or work network...This is too much!

Agreed. But on the other hand, when I buy an MP3 on Amazon, it goes to their 'Cloud' player. From there I can download to a limited number of devices. They apparently want to keep track of such things regarding digital media downloads, probably to discourage pirating.
I agree with Super Mod JP. Amazon is HUGE internet company that wants to be a permanent part of your $$$$ life. I'd trust them with my personal info...