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Thinking about returning my surface.



Okay. I haven't been on this forum for a while but I thought I'd give an update since people were asking questions..

1. To factory reset the surface just go to settings > general > Refresh or Re-install.

2. My surface has not been returned as I'm still waiting for a shipping label, one week later. I've been on the phone numerous times to MS to ask whats going on, they just tell me the same thing every time "We have received your request and it has been elevated to the returns department, I'll add a few notes for you to try and speed up the process"

My surface is still waiting in the original box at the end of my bed all packaged up waiting for a label... I don't want to get it out in case of damages I cause and of course the device is easy to fall in love with because of the feel and build quality, so I don't want to cancel the request.

Thanks for letting me know about those laws. When it comes to next month, if I still haven't heard anything I could research these laws and use it as leverage on the phone to the customer services.

Anyway, I'll check these forums every so often to see updates from everyone else, and I still plan on using these forums when / if I get the surface pro & about my beloved Windows 8 install on my laptop, which is great and i'm loving.