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Why my Surface Pro License Terms shown like this?


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I use Surface pro for the first time and it run well and can update to 8.1 pro. The problem occur when I reset my surface pro I haven't see update to 8.1 from Windows store again. Everything that told from Microsoft website, I did it every update and it still not show 8.1 update.

Later I noticed that in "Windows Activation" topic in System windows. Usually I saw from other computer that use windows 8 License Terms will show like this:


But my surface pro shown like this:


Anyone know about this message? This cause the problem of my surface pro cannot see 8.1 update on Windows Store?

Thank you.


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first off have you installed all updates available to windows 8 ?
then when u have no more updates on update and recovery you are good to go 2 windows store and upgrade to 8.1
edit im so sorry did not read your full question where did u buy ur sp?
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