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Surface Pro and Connected Standby


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Howdy Folks,

I just read the Anandtech articles on Connected Standby for Windows 8.1 64-bit (AnandTech | Windows 8.1 x64 Connected Standby Support) and the Surface Pro 3 (AnandTech | Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Hands On, Display & Performance Preview). He confirmed that his SP3 sample supported Connected Standby, and seemed to imply that neither the SP2 nor SP have it. On a whim, I tested my SP, and found that it does not support it. Does anybody know if this support could be added by MS via a firmware update for the SP1 or SP2, or would we have to "upgrade" to the SP3 for this "feature'? I have had my SP just over a year now, and see no need to upgrade it so soon, particularly at the prices. Thanks!

Rich S.


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Connected Standby requires TPM 2.0, SP1 and SP2 have TPM 1.2. Connected Standby needs a S0iX Compliant SoC, SP1 and SP2 are not built on a SoC....so the answer is nope....

Intel and MS worked together to make a SoC for the "U" Variant that is S0iX Compliant (The "Y" of the Core i3 is already S0iX Capable).