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WIFI Speed Issue

Rich OReilly

New Member
I have the latest firmware (jan) on my SP3 and I am having Wifi Speed Issues.
Marvel Driver= 15.68.3073.151
I noticed this issue when trying to play streams on Youtube.

When comparing my SP3 to my Dell Laptop I get the following results:

I do have a high speed connection at my home.
Same web site both machines=http://speedtest.comcast.net/
Dell LT:
Down = 69.8
Up = 11.68
Ping 14Ms

Down = 1.42
Up =wont compelete the test Ping 10Ms

Any Ideas as to a fix


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see if your firmware is upto date on the router, the marvel wifi cards don't like older routers...


you didn't list your router/access point.
wow a ping of 162 days!!!

i get file transfers of 45 MB/s to my nas using a netgear R8000 router as a access point.

Rich OReilly

New Member
Router is CISCO xb3 (3939) with latest drivers.

I have the same connection issue at other locations as well, not just at home.

Seems to be just on 2.4 Ghz connection
Ran 2nd test after thinking about it:
I switched the SP3 to 5GHZ
Down = 82.31
Up = 11.59
Ping 16Ms

Then switched to 2.4Ghz (where it was connected before)
Down = .71
Up = wont complete
Ping 11Ms

I just had noticed my first WiFi speed issue. Normally maxes my 100/5 Internet over 40Mhz channel in 5Ghz band. I was streaming YouTube and walked between access points. My video stopped and WiFi dropped to ~1Mb down. Tried rebooting my access points, toggling Airplane mode, and moving back to the previous access point. In the end, I had to reboot the SP3 to restore normal WiFi speed.