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WIFI tether galaxy nexus to surface pro


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Hi all,

Can anyone help me set up my verizon galaxy nexus with cyanigenmod 10.1 to tether to my surface pro? I can get it to work with my nexus 7, but when I set it to connect to the surface pro, I always get limited connectivity, with no internet access. Im wondering if it is a setting within windows 8 to get this to work.

any thoughts? I can get it to connect with bluetooth, but its much slower.



You should post your current tethering setup (the setup that gives you limited connectivity) so we can offer suggestions.


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My current setup is I have my galaxy nexus with cyanogenmod 10.1 and I'm trying to tether with WiFi with no encryption using an open network. Cyanogenmod has a WiFi tether widget built in. The surface pro finds the phone and connects but shows an exclamation point on the connection and displays "limited". There is no Internet connection that goes through. It does work with Bluetooth tethering but that is much slower.


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On your surface pro, go to settings> change pc settings> devices> and turn on "download over metered connection" and your problem will be solved.


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My coworker had this issue, went to device manager and found there was an updated driver. It installed and after a reboot, tethering to the galaxy nexus worked well.