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Will there be a Surface Book 2


Well, everyone has their own utopian idea of what a device should be, I suppose. But the reality is that they all make compromises and the closest you will get is finding a device with the compromises you best feel you can live with.

That is odd that Amazon has no reviews though. Neither does Adorama or the Microsoft Store. New Egg has a small sampling, but they are pretty much across the board there. Hard to form any consensus.


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Consumer Reports just pulled their recommendation for the Surface Book and cannot recommend any other Microsoft laptops or tablets because of poor predicted reliability in comparison with other brands. They estimate, based on annual user surveys, that 25% of Surface Book owners will have problems in the first two years of ownership. In particular, many users reported random shutdowns.

This reflects my experience perfectly. I eventually got a (refurbished) SB that worked properly, but it cost me a year and a half of extreme frustration and lost productivity.

All computers have issues, but what upset me most about my Surface Book experience was Microsoft's denial of the issues that many users were experiencing, and their failure to address those issues in an honest and straightforward manner. Instead, Microsoft continued to advertise product claims that they must have known at the time were false. That is irresponsible and unacceptable.


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Leaked Microsoft memo reveals high Surface Book return rates

None of this is a surprise really......MS is just doing what companies do. Trying to put a positive spin on something no matter what it is. The return rate could be 100% and they'd find a way to try and make it sound good for them.

Anyway, the Surface Book is what it is and I maintain that I won't be surprised if they don't make another one. The Pro and the Laptop are going to be their 2 main products of focus and the Book is just a hybrid of the 2 that doesn't do either of them great. It has sub par battery life as a tablet and is overpriced and now bulky in comparison to the laptop.

Even if they do make another one, I bet it won't be a detachable. The screen will fold over instead. Making the "tablet" part of it even less intriguing.

It was a cool idea and interesting product, unfortunately they just have too many problems with their hardware. And it was way overpriced.


Even if they do make another one, I bet it won't be a detachable. The screen will fold over instead. Making the "tablet" part of it even less intriguing.

I wouldn't mind that actually. I completely fine with a yoga form factor. I just like the SB because because of it's 3:2 aspect ratio. Otherwise I would get something like the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro.
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I returned my first book due to kb freezes. The replacement unit has worked well. I've enjoyed the unit overall, and appreciated the fine support - no questions asked on the return. My biggest gripe is that it feels unbalanced on my lap, and the sharp edges are not comfortable. After handling the new laptop, I have ordered one. If the detachable tablet was important to me I would probably have ordered the new pro. I am totally sold on the 3:2 display - even with a lower pixel count.