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Will Windows 10 Fix Remote Desktop Scaling?


With Windows 8.1 remote desktop from Surface 3 isn't usable for many people without a lot of tweaking and using the clunky and old Remote Desktop Connection Manager application.
The standard desktop and modern RDP clients make the remote system's UI tiny and difficult to read small text and navigate menus.
Modern Windows Store apps might be OK, but it will be a very long time before most business's work related apps won't still be legacy desktop apps. The desktop will need to be accessed remotely and be usable by people using high resolution tablets and laptops on the road for quite a long time into the future.
When you configure your local screen resolution and scaling to a comfortable size for your 10-12 inch Surface screen, it doesn't carry through to your RDP session.
Is this going to be addressed at all in Windows 10 RDP clients?
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