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Windows 10 Anniversery update problems

Gary Dietz

New Member
When I tried to download the update I did not have enough disk space in C drive, the update apparently needs 20 gb and I only have 13 gb free on my 64 gb drive. Can I move the "User" folder from drive C to D which is a micro SD with over 100 gb free space? If so how? When I tried to copy the "User" folder to D drive I got a message that some file could not be copied.



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If you're mean by "user", your profile, I'm not surprised since that "user" folder of your profile is open. If you have a lot of data in your document, picture, are video folders, you can move them to a micro SD module but I would unplug the module while your running the update. With such a small ssd drive, I would always save your data, pictures, & videos to an external hard drive or an internal micro SD card. Computers like of have 15 to 20 percent free disk space to run better.