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Windows 10 AU preview Build 14393.5 on Surface 3


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4 days until The Anniversary Update release on Aug 2.

IMO, W10 AU checks the boxes for the minimum requirements of use on a Surface 3.

I give my official blessing to Windows 10 AU. Go forth an multiply or divide or process words or whatever people do with you.

I know many of you will be shocked.

Farewell Windows 8.1 you were much maligned but I still loved you anyway. You will soon be but a distant memory relegated to the digital scrap heap known as the bit bucket. All those hours wasted for naught. I will not shed a tear for thee.

long live Windows 10, until next year anyway... ;)


Love the latest W10 build on the S3. Haven't had any problems really on it for several builds. Love the new inking updates which is my primary use on this tablet. Highly recommend!


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Still, Tablet Mode needs more work, it's not very well touch optimized. More like desktop shoehorned into something not desktop.

I'll try to use the insider feedback to convey some thought on this in the future.

Here's a hint from Obi Wan: use the Ribbon Microsoft, let go.

Universally translate old menus to a ribbonized touch friendly interface. Write it once use it everywhere.