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Windows 10 Mail: Attachments missing


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Hi everyone,

I have noticed on two separate occasions that the Mail app in Windows 10 has stripped away the PDF attachments in emails that I have received.

On one occasion, it was an email from my sister sending me a document that I had to sign. On the other, it was a vacation confirmation from a travel company.

I was able to see the attachments on my phone (iPhone, if it matters). But when looking at the same email in the Mail app, there were no attachments to be found. The attachment "icon", which indicates which emails have attachments, was also inactive.

There have been many other occasions where I've gotten the attachments in my email, so I'm not quite sure what the pattern is.

Has anyone else noticed this? If so, does anyone have a solution?




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Same problem, but sorry can't help with a solution. For the time being I've switched back to Outlook 2013.


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I recently downloaded Win10 on desktop. Mail is dropping an attachment also. The email should have 3 attachments 1 pdf and 2 word docs. I am only receiving 1 word doc and the pdf file. The sender confirmed that 2 word docs were sent??