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Windows 10 phones to get bigger, smaller, faster, and maybe even CPUier


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Ref: http://arstechnica.com/information-...-bigger-smaller-faster-and-maybe-even-x86ier/

Some goodness here and some real odd stuff too. Peculiarly, touch screens are apparently now optional.

Even as we wait for a flagship Windows handset, Windows 10 for phones will support faster processors, more RAM, and higher screen resolutions than Windows Phone currently does.​
The Windows Phone universe has always been more constrained in terms of supported hardware—it's no coincidence that Windows Phone is currently exclusively available on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, it simply doesn't support anything else—with OEMs having to wait for changes from Microsoft before they can roll out new processors, screen resolutions, and hardware support.​
Ok, I didn't know that... what were they thinking.

The *new* Win 10 situation for devices less than 8 inches (Phones, Phabs, n Tabs)
Windows 10 will support a wider range of SoCs than before. New to the list of supported chips are the Snapdragon 810, 808, 615, 210, and 208. These processors span the breadth of Qualcomm's range; the 810 is an 8-core, 64-bit processor with four A57 cores and four A53 cores. It has integrated LTE including Category 9 support, for data rates of up to 450Mbps. The 208 is a quad-core 32-bit processor using the ARM A7 core, and only supports HSPA+ at up to 21Mbps.​

Also supported are Intel's Atom x3 (formerly known as SoFIA), and x5 and x7 processors (codenamed Cherry Trail). x3 is aimed at low-to-mid-range smartphones, with x5 and x7 targeted towards tablets. AMD's Carrizo and Carrizo-L processors are also supported, and Carrizo-L in particular may find its way into tablets.​

While the high-end Qualcomm processors, and all of the Intel and AMD processors, are 64-bit, Windows "Mobile" is presently strictly 32-bit, and those processors will be working in their 32-bit modes.​

Seriously? 32bit, good lord is it 1999 again?
Because why not, lets have yet another, "tough luck suckers" event, your device will not be supported by the new Win 10.10 64 bit OS.

I see the problem, Windows Phone has been stuck in the last century.

Yes call it Windows Mobile. :rolleyes:
The "Mobile" family will be the successor to the Windows Phone we have today: no desktop, no traditional Win32 applications, fully locked down and sandboxed, and running on system-on-chip platforms. Microsoft seems unsure of exactly what this desktopless versions is called; sometimes it's Windows "Mobile" with the quote marks, other times it's just Windows Mobile in a terrifying resurrection of a widely maligned and near-universally unpopular branding. Until it's clear, we're going to stick with the former, because the alternative is unpalatable.
Microsoft has their Masters Degree in marketing mistakes.
I've got the answer for them... call it Windows Bob Mobile, or Windows Mobile Bob. Heck, use them interchangeably. Get an actor with a southern accent for the commercials. :D
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