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Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

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Jay Parisi

I'm curious if 10240 is the final RTM build everyone will be getting tomorrow or if Microsoft is making us fast-lane guinea pigs wait like everyone else.


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If you've opted in to the Get Windows 10 reservation applet, check to see if the following hidden folder exists on your Surface: C:\$Windows.~BT Looks like the installation media is being pre-cached ahead of installations beginning tomorrow.

Opted in a while back here and am also a Windows Insider member, although ran the technical previews inside virtual machines, not on my SP3. Same Microsoft account used on my SP3 as well as for the Windows Insider stuff.

This was already noted on the previous page, thanks

It's happening!
If you notice that your free space on your drive on your Surface Pro 1, 2, 3 or Surface 3 just got smaller (running Windows 8), don't worry. Windows 10 reservation app, if you have reserved the coming up OS, has started to download Windows 10. It also include a large day 1 update, so the size of the download is bigger than anticipated.
If you see: C:\$windows.~BT, don't delete it! It is Windows 10 setup.

The distribution of Windows 10 upgrade are done in waves. You can get it today, or tomorrow, or up to, if you are unlucky, August.


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According to WinBeta 240 is it and the KB3074683 we got pushed today is the Day 1 patch


I'm not sure Winbeta is correct that KB3074683 is the Day 1 patch. First, that one installed on my machines yesterday, and second, it wasn't terribly large (which I know, because it downloaded and installed quickly on my Dell Venue 8 Pro, which is pretty slow at updating). I'm expecting the Day 1 patch to be a much more significant update, and to definitely ship tomorrow.

Edit: Actually, I think I'm wrong. From another report it seems like it might be the Day 1 patch. Sure didn't seem like it to me.
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Our day 1 patch was probably cut into bits with all the previous updates we got, that is why it is smaller. That is just my guess.


My SP3 attempted to install Windows 10 three times, but failed. It probably failed because I'm running on battery (26% left)

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