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Windows 10 WPA2-Enterprise issue

Ok so I have been playing around with my SP2 and all has been going good. I then decided to try to connect to my work wifi.. ummm no..

but backing up a second I couldnt get my SP2 to connect on Win8.1 ... quick google shows that there was an issue when win8 went to 8.1 that something broke.. more of a AES-TKIP deal.. well we use AES.. and I am not able to connect.

we grabbed another machine - Lenovo Tiny which has wireless and win10 preview and we cannot get it to go either..

so my question to you all.. did anyone ever figure out the network issues in 8.1 and now in 10?

yes I will use the search button... but thought if anyone knows offhand id appreciate it..



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I was able to get it to work on Win 8.1, but now after upgrading to Win 10, I cannot log in to my workplace wifi using wpa2 enterprise. Any work arounds or patches?
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