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Windows 8.1 RTM is now available on MSDN to download


Has anyone used this version yet to upgrade? I've got an MSDN account and a Surface Pro. I've downloaded the .ISO, but when I try to run the setup to upgrade it doesn't accept my key. I pulled the key with MJB keyfinder. Thanks.

It won't accept the cd key you have with the surface pro when you go through the first part of the setup program. Create a ei.cfg file with the following info in it:


Put that file in your sources folder (extract the iso and install it from that) then when you start the install it won't prompt for the serial at the beginning of the install. I did this and upgraded to 8.1 keeping my apps and everything else as well.

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Great news. But ill wait for windows store upgrade method.

I'm not to familiar with upgrading windows software. As it seems more intimidating than how I run/upgrade my android tablet custom Roms/kernels.

Ill likely look over the links posted in this thread. Gotta learn sometime on how its.done.