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Windows 8 is Live!


Got mine all installed last night at midnight, UK time. All up without any errors, this Metrosexual interface will take a while to adjust to though, but so far i'm impressed.


Glad to see the install has gone quickly for everyone. I will probably upgrade this afternoon after school. Does anyone know how much hard drive space it uses when you upgrade over 7? I am starting to run low on SSD space :/


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I didn't really pay attention during the install... but if you can make some room temporarily, my disk space usage was about the same after I removed the old.Windows files (30 gb of space recovered)


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Anybody know how to download install by defeating the minimum 1GHz specification? I want to put this on a Fuji U810 UMPC that came preinstalled with Vista so Win 8 should be an improvement over that. Too bad it won't let me download and install since the processor is only 800MHz. I would like to install using a software override if possible. Otherwise I will have to figure out how to temporarily over clock and see if that works.